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    We are always devoted to smoothly transport people in public places for rest and recreation. With the application of reliable technology, we provide customers with efficient and comfortable elevator system, which meet passengers’ special requirements, including safe and convenient machine-room-less elevator, personalized panoramic elevator, stereo parking system, smooth and comfortable escalator and efficient moving sidewalk system. Each detail is conceived to create the efficient and comfortable experience for millions of passengers.


    Based on safe and reliable transportation, the streamlined design makes the escalator elegant, with both functions and visual enjoyment.


    The various lift car design and low noise operation of our elevators in the leisure and entertainment environment provide each person with better experience.

    Product CategoryFeaturesDescriptionScope of Use
    ElevatorsPassenger elevatorHighly efficient transport of passenger flows
    Low noise and energy consumptionDiversified and individualized design
    Large shopping centers

    Conference and exhibition centers

    Financial centers

    Office buildings

    Hotels and Clubs

    Entertainment venues

    Panoramic elevatorIncreased in a commercial atmosphere

    Field of view on three sides

    360° panorama

    Can be installed indoors and outdoors

    Goods elevatorHigh power, heavy loading capacity

    More spacious and sturdy

    Carries large-volume goods

    More durable steel-structure main body

    Large shopping centers

    Conference and exhibition centers

    Distribution centers

    Large car parks

    Industrial transport

    Car elevatorIdeal loading and unloading of all car types

    Saves floor area space

    Front and rear opening doors design

    Convenient, fast operation and control system

    Large car parks

    Conference and exhibition centers

    Car dealerships

    Escalators  Commercial escalatorSimple, fashionable, streamlined, attractive

    Compact structure, good carrying capacity

    Highly efficient large passenger flow diversion

    Large shopping centers

    Conference and exhibition centers

    Supermarket chains

    Entertainment venues

    Public escalator
    Moving WalkwaysFlatLong-distance carriage of passenger flows

    More energy-efficient frequence change control

    Flow diversion and transport of shopping trolleys