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    When you build and design your factory, you will have different level requirements to elevator protection accing to operational environment, considering larger loads, heavy loads and forklift or drawacarriage moving between different storeys. Syney Electric not only provides you with elevator installation service of special factory, such as chemical plant, power station, automobile manufacturers as well as container logistics, but also offers you customized durable heavy-duty freight elevator, which is suitable for different environment and provides protective measures, such as dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-spray, anticollision.

    Product CategoryFeaturesDescriptionScope of Use
    ElevatorsPassenger elevatorhigher room efficiency;small noise; low energy consumption;smooth acceleration; comfortable to take;lift car customized to meet your requirements;large-scale commercial centres

    factory transportation

    large-scale building materials city

    logistics center

    Goods elevatorstrong power; heavy-duty;more roomy; more firm;bulky goods bearing;main steel structure is more durable;professional protection measures;
    Panoramic elevatorinstalled indoor and outdoor;different types for your ion;save indoor space;three sides views; 360° panorama;large-scale commercial centres

    Shopping malls and building materials city

    Car Elevatorperfectly unload all kinds of cars;save construction space; front and rear drive-through type door design;convinient and fast control system;factory transportation

    logistics center

    parking system

    Escalator Commercial Escalatordense structure and strong carrying ;efficient distribution;passenger flow transportation at long distance;frequency conversion control is more energy efficient;large-scale commercial centres
    large-scale building materials city
    Public escalator
    Moving Walkways Flat